Air Power Drain Blaster gun, High Pressure Powerful Manual sink Plunger Opener cleaner pump for Bath Toilets, Bathroom, Shower, kitchen Clogged Pipe Bathtub

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Product information:

Product Name: Pipe dredger

Size: 27.5*9.5*28cm
Material: ABS plastic + rubber
Packing list: Air gun type gas reservoir, 4 sucker plugs
Applicable occasions: kitchen sink, wash basin, floor drain, toilet, squatting pan, bathtub
(1) Before use, choose the appropriate “gag” to install according to the size and shape of the blocked pipe diameter. 
(2) After installing the "gag", you can start to inflate the air reservoir. 
(3) The “gag” is tightly pressed against the water outlet to make it tightly closed.





Product summary:

  • Product description:
  • Four suckers can be used in different size of pipelines, washbasin, sink, bathtub, floor drain, squatting pan, toilet and etc.
  • Material: ABS gun body, Rubber blocked head. Gun Body Size: (L) x (W) 27.5 X 28cm. Weight:850g.
  • Type of blockage: suit for: hair, vegetable, accessory;Not suit for: urine alkali, cement, hard object. It can effectively remove hairs, cloth, tea, vegetable, rubbish from pipeline.
  • Easy to use. Pull the handle about 15 to 25 times, repeat several time until remove the blockage.
  • Suitable for toilets, bathrooms, kitchens and other toilets blocked, face pool blocked, plug the sink, floor drain plug.





(1) The gas outlet of the gag must be immersed in the fluid medium that is blocked, so that the effect will be obvious
(2) If the pipeline seems to be blocked, it is recommended to put some soft debris in the pipeline so that the pipeline is close to the full blockage, so that the use of this product is more effective.
(3) Before the shot is fired, cover the water in the toilet mouth with a plastic towel or something to avoid splashing on yourself.
(4) If there are multiple overflow outlets in the pool or downpipe, please ensure the tightness of other overflow outlets before work to avoid the accidental discharge of dirty substances or the effect of dredging.
(5) It is recommended that the pressure be exactly 15-25 times until the pressure is right.

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