First & Easiest Skateboard for Everyone - As Easy as Riding a Bike

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Build confidence in seconds, not years.

Forget about those skateboarding tricks or skateboard buying guide for beginners. Too long, too complicated. This one is truly for the beginner and everyone. 

Yes, everyone. Whether you want to enjoy the street in summer or cut your commute time everyday, grab this easy-to-learn gadget, step on the board and take off.

You don't skate at all? Make your commuting more enjoyable and eco-friendly.

Featuring a more ergonomic and stable design, softer and larger wheels and wider deck, it provides smoother (and probably happier) experience. 

Don't be that nervous or serious. Success is not just about falling and getting up. It's about making it fun and doing it well.

Still afraid? You won't fall. Multiple built-in safeguards keep you from stupid, funny or painful falls. Be a bit more bold and progressive.

Weighing just a little bit more than 2kg, it's easy and comfortable to carry on the go.

Don't get it wrong. It's not a toy. It's professionally crafted and toughly built with premium materials. 

Note: 70mm wheel features more flexibility while 80mm wheel provides more stability.

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