150 DB Train Horn With Air Compressor

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Are you the proud owner of a vehicle that has a horn that simply doesn't do its justice? With this 150dB Train Horn you'll definitely be heard!

Its powerful electrical compressor allows you to use it at all times and doesn't require any air tanks. You can easily install it to the existing horn system/separate switch and enjoy the benefits of 150 db of loudness. 

150dB Train Horn Features:

✅ Loud and powerful train-like warning sound.

✅ Long-lasting blasts without needing an air tank.

✅ Weather resistant — works in all conditions.

✅ Made from premium high-quality materials, metal trumpet.

✅ Includes a complete step-by-step installation manual.

      Suitable for any vehicle that uses 12V battery. It's the perfect upgrade for trucks, SUVs, passenger cars, boats and bigger motorcycles. Installation process takes less than an hour and is easy to do.

      Having a loud horn has many benefits:

      📢 Your vehicle is heard from far greater distances.

      📢 The deep notes can be heard over loud music.

      📢 Increases safety and reduces the chance of an accident.

      📢 Makes a strong statement over stock horn.


        Each set includes: Metal trumpet, 12V electric compressor, air hose, bag of fixings.


        • Trumpet diameter: 3.75 inch / 95 mm.
        • Trumpet length: 17.7 inch / 450 mm.
        • Material: Chrome plated metal.
        • Compressor color may vary between chrome/red.

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